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What is a Seasoned Tradeline?

A Seasoned Tradeline is one with a long history of prompt payments, a low credit ratio, a high limit and has been open for a long time.

How do I Pay for Your Services?

Depending on the service that you need, we have various affordable and discounted programs. You don’t need to put any money upfront at all if we are applying for unsecured credit cards for you, we do take out a small success fee from the card when you are Approved. For Corporate Credit Programs, Aged Shelf Corporations, Seasoned Tradelines, Credit Inquiry Deletion Services, you can select (or talk to one of our experts who will make recommendations) the exact service that you require. Our costs are affordable, priced right and competitive. Further, we have financing programs for some services that allow you to postpone the initial fee as part of a program that will include acquiring unsecured funding, after your credit is improved. Please ask your agent about our Funding Programs.

What is an Associated Seasoned Tradeline?

Associated Seasoned Tradelines are those that you can become attached to, transferring the credit reporting data from the Seasoned Tradelines to your own credit report. If you add tradelines with a longer history than your own, these increase your credit history accordingly, which will help you realize your dreams and goals – without waiting years for your own accounts to season.

How Soon Will Adding Aged Tradelines Start Having a Positive Effect on my Credit Scores?

When you purchase your new Tradelines, pay attention to the Reporting Date. If you are associated with this account before then, your credit report will include the positive impact of the new tradelines 24 hours after the reporting date.


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